Love in Vain

Love in Vain

My Rock & Roll Marriage with a Musical Genius

(Some chapters of my upcoming book!)


Love , oh beautiful mesmerizing all consuming, breathtaking, addictive, mindblowing Love. Where has thou been all my life? And now that I found thee at last, I’d like to cherish your angelic face and caress your sweet and tender lips and smother

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The Human Painting

Let me be your friend in times of darkness, when sadness flows in rivers of tears down to the valley where flowers blossom and the grass is greenest, colored by the daffodils and dandelions and bright red poppies show me the way to your

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Broken Meadows

Only born for no other reason than to be slaughtered as soon as humanity craves for it’s taste. And all of this is just a reflection of our inner worlds. Everything is a mirror. Our minds are as rotten as the pigs, never letting the light in, festering from the inside

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Love at first sight

He was all that I ever dreamed of. A Mirage in the desert. An Angel that fell from the sky into my arms. (Well, not yet). And if the whole world around me would have been swallowed by Moby Dick all at once, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye

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Amsterdam my Beloved

Oh, Amsterdam my beloved, filling up my eyes with your ancient history and caressing my delicate senses with your mundial variety of tastes and smells. It feels like a rightfully earned privilege to be a part of this multicultural blend of Artists, Musicians, Hookers, Gays, Drag queens, Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexitarians,

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